Play Lacrosse...The Fastest Game on Two Feet!
Have FUN!!!
Have FUN!!!

A key factor in producing full teams year in and year out? We focus on FUN FIRST! All of our drills are designed to teach the fundamentals while keeping as many kids moving and having fun as possible.

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Croton Lacrosse Weekend!
Croton Lacrosse Weekend!

Every year, CYL organizes Croton Lacrosse Weekend...this includes the Alumni Game, Youth Games, the Fundraiser and marching in the Summerfest Parade!

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Girls Rule!
Girls Rule!

Starting this Fall, our girls program will be extended to include Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade girls along with the 3/4 and 5/6 teams!

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A Note from CYL

Let's get back on the field....

It's time for Spring Lacrosse and Croton Youth Lacrosse is ready to play. Let's get sticks back in the players hands and get back on the field.  As always, CYL will be following the COVID-19 Guidelines issued by the village of Croton on Hudson.  These can be found below.  We are looking forward to a fun and safe season.   Below you will find the safety and Covid-19 Guidelines for Croton Youth Lacrosse.


In order for your child to play CYL they need to be registered with US Lacrosse.  For the Spring 2022 season and moving forward, each player must obtain their own individual US Lacrosse membership number (these must be renewed annually). This number will be required for registration.  Please register your child at  There is a $30 fee for this membership number which is not included in the price of registration.

HEART GUARD REQUIREMENT (for all boys teams K-6)

All male lacrosse players regardless of age are now REQUIRED to use chest pads with heart guards in them.  This is coming from US Lacrosse and in order to remain insured CYL must enforce this equipment be worn before male players take the field.  You can find these pads where Lacrosse equipment is sold, including Laura-Lee (mention CYL to receive a discount), Lacrosse Unlimited and Dicks Sporting  Goods.


All participants of Croton Youth Lacrosse must abide by these universal guidelines while at the sponsored activities.

  • All participants should stay at home if they are feeling sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and equipment and do not share equipment, water bottles or towels.

  • Any tasks that can be done at home, should be done at home (recovery sessions, online meetings) in order to maximize the effectiveness of the time together.

  • Face masks are currently recommended when outdoors and required when indoors for staff, coaches, officials and designated adults serving as hygiene support for all practices and activities. Athletes, coaches and volunteers must wear a face mask during lacrosse activity.

  • As stages progress, competition formats that allow for fewer players on the field will be in place to help mitigate risk. When not on the field, players should maintain a social distance of 6ft from each other.

  •  Game play modifications will be made for aspects of boys’ and girls’ games to minimize higher risk activities by limiting extended closeness and contact between athletes.

All Coaches and Volunteers must follow the guidelines above when participating in any Croton Youth Lacrosse Sponsored activity.

Please reach out to me or any of the coaches or board members if you have any questions, want to volunteer, or for anything at all...we're here to help move the game of Lacrosse forward in Croton and our surrounding local communities. 


Mike Dillon

President, Croton Youth Lacrosse

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